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Trufi staff and lead volunteers use an email signature, but it has not been optimized for all of the most commonly-used email clients. For example: It looks good in Gmail, but it falls apart in Outlook.

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge of HTML – simple HTML
  • CSS – particularly inline CSS
  • Graphic design (helpful)
  • Understanding of cross-browser and cross-client compatibility to ensuring that the email signature displays consistently across email clients.
  • The ability to test the email signature across multiple email clients


Responsible Trufista(s): TJ

Contact Us About: Create HTML Email Signature for Consistent Appearance Across The Main Email Clients.

Note: If you are already set up as a Trufi Volunteer you can skip this form, and contact us in our Slack.

Trello Card ID: 63e7cf45cca292c634c8e970