All of our mobile apps and mapping projects incorporate OpenStreetMap (OSM). We encourage our volunteers, partners, people who use our apps – pretty much everyone – to contribute more public transport routes to OSM.


Trufi works with OpenStreetMap communities to thoroughly and accurately map public transport. And our volunteers have written on GitHub the definitive guide to mapping bus routes with JOSM.

When a city’s public transport network is well-mapped, the hard part is done. Creating an app from our open source code is (relatively) easy. But the potential of the route data isn’t exclusively for our apps. Other transportation services providers can use the data add value for users of public transport.

We also arrange trainings for volunteers or institutions to learn mapping in OpenStreetMap.

Map of Trufi Association Projects

Trufi Association projects and apps are in cities around the world, with new projects under development.

This underlying map of Trufi projects worldwide is using OpenStreetMap


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Featured Image: Screenshot of OSM Public Transport Nodes on MapBox by Philipp Wambach