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We help transform mobility in cities with open source apps, and open data solutions that enable innovation.

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The Trufi Association is non-profit NGO founded by a group of German and Bolivian volunteers in 2019.


Mission and Vision

Discover our vision for vibrant, inclusive communities through equitable access to sustainable transportation options. Join us in reimagining urban mobility!

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Mobility as a Service

The Trufi Association likes to help all cities realize a public transport app, even in places where transport is unregulated.

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Trufi depends on volunteers and donations. Please donate to one of our accounts, or via DonorBox.

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Trotro App – Accra, Ghana
Africa / Mapping
stadtnavi App – Herrenberg, Germany
Active Transport / Europe / Multimodality
World Map
Trufi Association and OpenStreetMap
Education / Mapping / Worldwide
Corsa App – Tétouan, Morocco
Africa / Mapping
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