Chatbots have become a fundamental tool for enabling communication between enterprises and customers, between researchers and research subjects, and more. In the global South Trufi chatbots bridge gaps and provide feedback that improves mobility and accessibility.

Revolutionizing Communication and Mobility

Trufi chatbots enable seamless interaction between users and transportation services. These AI-powered bots leverage natural language processing to understand and respond to user queries and requests. In regions where smartphone penetration might be limited, Trufi chatbots provide an accessible means for individuals to engage with transportation services, report incidents, gather information, and plan their journeys, all through simple and user-friendly text-based conversations.


Advantages of Chatbots Over Mobile Apps

WhatsApp Chatbot
A Trufi chatbot collecting information on a safety incident.

Chatbots offer deployment options across messaging platforms including SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. A significant portion of the population is well-versed in using WhatsApp, making conversational interactions intuitive and user-friendly, and streamlining the process of acquiring information.

Moreover, chatbots boast a unique advantage over traditional apps: the ability to make real-time adjustments. Unlike apps, chatbot conversations can be swiftly modified to align with their intended objectives. This dynamic feature facilitates continuous improvement, ensuring that user interactions evolve rapidly to meet changing needs and preferences.

Empowering Users and Collecting Data

Trufi Chatbots play a pivotal role in empowering users to actively participate in the improvement of their transportation ecosystem. Users can report public safety incidents in real-time, contributing to safer journeys for all. Moreover chatbots serve as valuable tools for data collection initiatives. By engaging with users and posing questions about their experiences, Trufi Chatbots facilitate the gathering of crucial information for studying infrastructure conditions, such as road stress for cycling. This data-driven approach enables targeted improvements that align with the needs of both individuals and communities.

Enabling Research and Feedback

Beyond day-to-day travel assistance, Trufi Chatbots facilitate research endeavors and feedback collection. They serve as conduits for research questionnaires, allowing transportation organizations and other researchers to obtain valuable insights from users. This engagement aids in understanding usage patterns, preferences, and pain points, driving informed decision-making for future improvements.

Chatbot Possibilities

  • Public Safety: Real-time incident reporting to ensure safer journeys.
  • Infrastructure Insights: Engaging users to gather data on road conditions, to inform decisions on targeted enhancements.
  • Personalized Travel Updates: Offering up-to-date information on travel conditions and route options.
  • Inclusive Planning: Providing route plans to users who don’t have smartphones, catering to a wider audience.
  • Research Partner: Enabling research initiatives and feedback collection. See our Transport Research Services.

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