Introducing Our New Vision and Mission: A Reflection of Our Evolution

We’re excited to share with you some significant updates to our Vision and Mission Statements.

As you may know, Trufi’s journey began with a simple yet powerful goal: to make informal transport more accessible through the development of an open-source journey planner app, primarily tailored for informal transport in the global South. We started in Bolivia, were minibuses are called trufis.

As time has passed, our organization has evolved in remarkable ways. Our apps remained central to our work, but our capacity to deliver impact grew. We stopped speaking exclusively about “public transport” and began to speak of our work more broadly as being about “sustainable transport” and “transportation justice.”

Trufi Vision and Mission Statements

From Practical to Transformative

We began to understand the transformative power of our work, and it inspired us. Here are some excerpts from the original mission statement side-by-side with the new vision and mission statements:

Original Mission StatementNew Vision and Mission
Improvement of access to public transportation through free geographical data and be a leader in the global movement towards transportation justice and sustainability, transcending carbon-based, car-centric norms.
Support of governmental institutions in questions of public transportation and geographical data.…to catalyze transportation ecosystems for the global South and beyond, reimagined to ensure accessible, attractive, safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation options for all.
Cooperation and exchange with national and international groups and organizations of similar interest.…beyond software development; we actively engage with like-minded organizations, public and private partners, governmental institutions, researchers, and transport innovators.
Read our new Vision and Mission Statement Here

Why the Change?

While our roots remain firmly planted in the development of open-source journey planning solutions for informal transport, we’ve expanded our horizons to become providers of transport data and analytics to third parties. We’re also deeply involved in Mobility-as-a-Service integrations and offer our expertise in OpenTripPlanner. Our focus has broadened to encompass sustainable transport and active transport, transcending the limitations of solely public transport.

The new Vision and Mission does not mean we are changing course. We had already changed course and we needed to update our Vision and Mission to reflect that reality. (And now our team members know what to put in their slide decks.)

What’s Next?

We’re dedicated to communicating our Vision and Mission to communities, governments, organizations, and stakeholders worldwide – anyone who shares these goals – to create transportation systems that are accessible, sustainable, and inclusive.

Join us on this journey towards a more equitable and sustainable future. Whether you’re a developer, a transportation enthusiast, a community leader, or simply someone passionate about making a difference, there’s a place for you here at Trufi Association.

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