Volunteer of the Month: Brayan Esneider Castro Gallo

 Brayan Esneider Castro Gallo
Brayan Esneider Castro Gallo

Brayan Esneider Castro Gallo

Volunteer of the Month

June 2024

Meet Brayan Esneider Castro Gallo, or just Esneider, a 14-year-old member of the Duitama Mapping Stars at Salesiano College in Duitama, Colombia, birthplace of the Busboy app. Esneider has been an outstanding contributor to various Trufi projects, leveraging his mapping skills to make a significant impact in the global public transport mapping community.

Esneider’s contributions extend beyond technical mapping tasks; he has also assisted in quality reviewing mapping data in various cities, including Uruapan and Zitácuaro in Mexico, Duitama-Sogamoso and Bogotá in Colombia, Trujillo and Arequipa in Peru, Oruro and Cochabamba in Bolivia, Accra in Ghana, and Nairobi in Kenya.

See for Yourself What Esneider Has Been Up To

Check out the heat map below to see Esneider fingerprints – all the world cities where Brayan has made significant contributions to OpenStreetMap. His efforts span across multiple continents, showcasing his dedication to enhancing global public transport data.

Be Like Esneider: Volunteer for Trufi

We feature a volunteer every month who has helped make a difference at Trufi. Could it be you next? Here’s a partial list of our volunteering ideas based on our current needs. Contact us now get started as a volunteer.

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