The First Complete Public Transport Map of Nouakchott, Mauritania

The project, funded by the World Bank, is part of a larger diagnostic study of different dimensions of urban transport in the Sahel region of Africa – the institutional level, operational level, down to the level of public transport users.

Trufi remotely trained and managed an on-the-ground team of Mauritanians  OpenStreetMap (OSM) enthusiasts. This team mapped the routes in detail, and also captured on-the-ground photos of transportation infrastructure. After the new routing data had been added to OSM, the Trufi team in Bolivia, Columbia, Morocco, Germany and other countries validated and cleaned the data, turning imprecise GPS scribbles into clean and clear routing information.

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  • Kilometers Traveled*: 400
  • Hours Traveled while tracing*: 55
  • Bus and Taxi Routes Traced: 59
  • GPS Traces: 61
  • GTFS File
  • Social Media Campaign for Recruiting and Coordinating with the Nouakchott team
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Fatima Arroyo Arroyo, senior urban transport specialist with the World Bank said the Nouakchott data “will help us to understand what areas of the cities are excluded from transport services, what areas are well-served, what are the problems with congestion, or other problems, to link all those pieces together.”

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* Approximate