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Looking for developer with WordPress expertise to help with various projects such as:

  • Implement a Tag Manager
  • Optimize Page Load
  • Implement Child Themes for more flexibility tweaking the main theme
  • Implementing multilingual capabilities
  • Assisting partner sites with features

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Technical proficiency: A solid technical understanding of WordPress, including themes, plugins, and customization options
  • Website maintenance and management: Performing updates, backups, and monitoring analytics; familiarity with optimization techniques, such as caching, compression
  • Communication and collaboration: Skills to work effectively with Trufi team members
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: To diagnose and resolve technical issues, and prevent them from recurring.

Responsible Trufista(s): TJ

Contact Us About: WordPress Expert to Implement Marketing Tools.

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Trello Card ID: 63c95c3e9818f602eaff777a