VIDEO: A Guided Tour of the Code Behind Trufi Apps (Front End)

All Trufi mobile apps are built on a code base we call “Trufi Core.” And because we publish our apps with an open source license, anyone can go to GitHub and look at our code (here).

Recently we made it a little easier and social for a group of developers interested in Trufi Core by giving them a chance to join a walkthrough of the code base, guided by our lead developer, Samuel Rioja.

Samuel covers the application main architecture, libraries and screens, localizations, themes, and open trip planner.

The videos and related files are below.

Trufi Core Code Walkthrough

For Developers Who Want To Follow Along

If you’re a developer and you want learn about how Trufi apps are put together, here are some links:

Application Architecture Diagram

Questions? Want to Join Us?

Something in the video was not clear? You just want to know more about Trufi Core? You’re a developer and want to contribute to the code? You want to develop your own app?

Contact us using this form. Let us know if you would like to be included in any future guided tours of the code.

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