Duitama launched public transport app BusBoy with the help of fantastic local mappers and Trufi App

Duitama (Colombia) with a population of around 115.000 inhabitants has launched its public transport app called BusBoy based on Trufi on Nov 25, 2019.

This was possible thanks to the enormous work of a local community that has been collecting all city bus routes and customized Trufi to their local needs. Professor Leonardo Gutierrez told us that they had been bringing all routes to OpenStreetMap in 2016; unfortunately, there was no app that they could have been licensing for an affordable price.

When he saw in 2019 that Trufi was going open source, he asked students of his Colegio Salesiano to support him in the adaption of Trufi app to the Duitama style. They used the Trufi public data tools to generate points of interest, streets, and crossings; then they forked the Trufi app code from GitHub and customized it with its own logo, colors, splash screen; after getting into the technology and asking Trufi sometimes for support, the team launched BusBoy to the PlayStore (download BusBoy here).

The name BusBoy comes from the buses that run through Duitama region “Boyacá”.

The major of Duitama, Alfonso Miguel Silva Pesca, expressed his thankfulness to Trufi Association for creating the app in a very nice video message:

For our dear friends of Trufi Association a very special greeting with affection, and gratitude from the municipal administration in the head of who speaks, Alfonso Miguel Silva, of our secretary of industry and tourism Julián Hernández, of our dear students and our Dear parents of the Salesian school and Mr. Leonardo Gutiérrez.
We want to say thank you very much for the affection and for the support for that great collaboration from Hamburg and from Bolivia and hopefully continue to disseminate these applications and have a greater coverage all over the world. Today we are happy to be the first category 3 municipality in Colombia […] to have this application. We want to wish you a lot of health, a lot of wisdom, intelligence, and patience to continue with that global coverage, we want to continue improving every day not only for the benefit of our inhabitants, but also of the tourists who visit us and who will use the application knowing what route to take, and how to move, benefits that serve the development and growth of a city as important as our beloved Duitama.
God bless you a hug from a distance a very big and loving hug for all of you.

We from Trufi Association e.V. are happy to see what the community in Duitama has been achieved and how BusBoy is growing. Within one month, BusBoy app has reached thousands of downloads with a overwhemling 4.9 stars rating, based on 34 mostly positive reviews. This is actually the best rating any Trufi app has reached in the App Stores! Congratulations on the wonderful work to Leonardo and his team!

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