Launch Video: Public Transport Mapping Course Now Available in English!

Trufi Association and Mobility Hub have launched the English version of the Public Transport Mapping course for OpenStreetMap.

The launch event, which was held on October 19, 2023, explored the ‘why’ behind the course, highlighting the transformative potential of digitized transport data generated by people in the communities that actually use the transport services.

Speakers included Alazar Tekle from AddisMapTransit, Jacqueline M, Klopp director at Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Angela Teyvi from Trufi Association, and Jesús Antonio Díaz Arévalo from Mobility Hub.

Video of the Launch Event

Note: There were some technical difficulties during the launch event, and they have been smoothed over in this edited version of the launch event.

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If you care about cities, engage in mapping.

Jacqueline M, Klopp, director, Center for Sustainable Urban Development

Data-Driven Transportation Solutions for Urban Growth

Cities in the global South are grappling with the challenges of urbanization and growing mobility demands. The ability to gather comprehensive and reliable transportation data is crucial. Trained mappers can offer insights into route patterns, travel times, safety concerns, and accessibility issues, enabling informed decision-making by local authorities, governments, or anyone with access to the data.

By harnessing the power of data, collaboration, and citizen engagement, Trufi Association and Mobility Hub are empowering people to shape transportation systems that are not only efficient and sustainable but also responsive to the unique needs and aspirations of their communities.

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