No Public Transport App:
“It Would Be Nice if You Could Fix That Problem.”

The Corsa app came into being – to make a long story short – because Tétouan, Morocco didn’t have a public transport app. And one Tétouanian said to another, “It would be nice if you could fix that problem.”

Salim Bouhorma, the second Tétouanian in the short story above, fixed that problem – through trial and error, and ultimately with open source code and guidance from Trufi. The 21-year-old software developer also single-handedly mapped the city’s entire public transport network into OpenStreetMap.

Corsa Features

  • Complete door-to-door navigation
  • Suggestion of alternative routes
  • Localized in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Save favorite searches
  • Uses GPS to show the user’s position on the map
  • Show routes by car, if no bus routes are available
  • Choose from several itineraries the best plan for your needs
  • Demand driven: Users can report routes missing from OpenStreetMap
Corsa App Splash Screen
Splash Screen
Corsa App Map View
Map View
Corsa App Door-to-Door Directions
Door-to-Door Directions
Corsa App Satellite View
Satellite View
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Trufi Association does a lot of things, but what it has always done is help motivated volunteers make impact in their communities – even a small community such as Tétouan, with a single volunteer.

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Featured image: Yassine Abbadi (CC BY 2.0)