VIDEO: Why Open Data Matters for Cycling: Visualizing a Cycling City

The Institute for Transportation and Development (ITDP), presented a webinar on “Why Open Data Matters for Cycling,” on March 22, 2022. Along with along with experts from ITDP Brazil, Trufi’s Denis Paz Jiménez presented introduced participants to Trufi, and our multimodal apps that combine cycling with public transport.

Webinar Recording

Here is the webinar recording (Via the YouTube channel of ITDP), which includes a demonstration of mapping cycling routes, and visualization of cycling data.

YouTube player

“Not at All Familiar” With OpenStreetMap

This webinar set a new record for ITDP – between 400 and 500 people registered for the event. A poll of the participants revealed that one-third of them were “not at all familiar” with OpenStreetMap. Meaning 150 people (or thereabouts) were learning about OSM and Trufi for the first time.

Zoom Poll
Results of a Zoom poll of webinar participants

Webinar Part II Coming Soon

This was the first of two webinars on cycling and open data. To be informed about the details of Part II, be sure you are subscribed to the Trufi Newsletter.

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