Volunteer of the Month: Jan Terjung

Jan Terjung

Jan Terjung

Volunteer of the Month

March 2024

Meet Jan Terjung, a dedicated member of Trufi Association hailing from Ronneburg, Hessen, Germany — or Neuwiedermuß as it’s known to the locals.

Jan’s focus lies in organizational development at Trufi, where he facilitates structured and productive dialogue and help us build on our successes, and guide Trufi to its future.

His background as a psychologist shapes his approach, prioritizing the human element in driving change. He believes in empowering individuals, enhancing their perception and understanding, and fostering new possibilities for decision-making and behavior.

In the past, Jan spent a life-changing year in Argentina – and considered staying there for good. Having spent an enriching time abroad provides him with the multicultural perspective we value at Trufi.

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