How Trufi App Users Can Submit Missing Transport Routes in Cochabamba – No OSM Required

Regular public transport users can now submit missing routes to the Trufi App for Cochabamba, Bolivia – no OpenStreetMap skills or training required.

This video was created by our Luz Choque in Cochabamba to share on social media, and help acquaint everyday users with the feature that was launched in 2022 with the release of Version 3 of the app.

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OSM is Still Indispensable

When a user submits a missing route, it does not go directly into the transport data consumed by the app (the GTFS). Rather, the route data is submitted to Trufi volunteers in Cochabamba – OpenStreetMappers – with the training and experience validate the data before adding it to OSM. When the validated routes are added to OSM, Trufi regenerates the GTFS file and the new routes are available in the app.

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