Trufi App V3: More Features. More User Control. Only in Bolivia (For Now)

The first people to use the new features of Trufi App version 3 are public transport users in Cochabamba, Bolivia – the city where Trufi Association began. The local informal transport buses in Bolivia are known as “trufis.”

The release of the app was marked on February 2, 2022, in a Facebook Live event organized, promoted, and led by Trufi volunteers in Cochabamba. The full video of the event (in Spanish) is below.

Susanne Ardaya, a Trufi volunteer who moderated the event, said with version 3, it’s no longer an excuse in Cochabamba to say, “Oh, I didn’t get there because I didn’t know how.” She will reply, “You didn’t get there because you didn’t use the Trufi App!”

Cochabamba Transport Users Can Track Their Own Routes

Because informal transport routes change frequently in Cochabamba, users can track and save routes that might be missing from the app.

Trufi App Screenshot
Access the User Tracking Feature
Trufi App Screenshot
Start Tracking

Users can also change the name later and stop tracking whenever you want. You can then upload the track. The Trufi app for Cochabamba is the first to have this feature.

“We are launching a very very important release,” said Christoph Hanser, Trufi Association President. “We have received feedback many times that that this or that route is missing! Now we have many more routes. And more importantly, the user can now tell us automatically if a route is missing or wrong.”

Other New Features in V3

  • More than 100 new routes have been added via OpenStreetMap
  • Search the map first, then choose whether the point is the origin or destination
  • Detail view of every route – not just the routes for current origin and destination
  • Users can verify and report if the routes they use every day are accurate or missing
  • Faster loading of maps
Select Origin or Destination from any point on the map of Cochabamba
Trufi App Screenshot
Review all of the trufi bus routes in Cochabamba

A favorite new feature for Daniela Lazcano, a long-time user of the Trufi app, is the ability to click the map first, and then choose whether that point is the origin and destination.”Now it shows the estimated time and the name of the street where you can get off,” she said. “I didn’t think I needed that feature until I had it.”

Nicht ohne mein Rad - Hamburg on Google Play
Nicht ohne mein Rad - Hamburg on Apple Store

One of the best local guides there is for Cochabamba. If you’re visiting and don’t want to buy for taxis and see where the trufis take you, this app is one of the most accurate guides of them all.

Reviewer on the Android App Store

All of these features are available to be ported over to existing Trufi apps, and any new apps based on our open source Trufi Core code. It’s a matter of time.

The Release Event

The release event video is below.

YouTube player

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