20,000+ Installs of Our App for Cochabamba

The original Trufi app, for the “trufi” buses and routes in Cochabamba, Bolivia, just passed a big milestone: More than 20,000 installations on Android! And darn near 30,000 installs if you add the installs on iOS.

20,000 Installs
Nicht ohne mein Rad - Hamburg on Google Play
Nicht ohne mein Rad - Hamburg on Apple Store

The 20,000th install occurred quietly sometime in the middle of May. There was no balloon drop for the lucky installer.

As the first Trufi app, released in 2019, the app for Cochabamba has always held a strong lead due to it’s head start, and an amazing group of active volunteers based in the city.

In April this year, Cochabamba was also the first app to launch version 3.0 of our open source code, with new features and more than 100 new routes all added via OpenStreetMap. The launch event was followed by an uptick installs in April.

The final push to 20,000 was no doubt helped by TikToker Carla Salló, with 1.5 million followers. Salló’s unsolicited endorsement of the Trufi app coincided with a big demand for the recently-updated app.

We’ve received many requests from Bolivians to please bring a similar app to more cities – La Paz in particular. We hope to get there soon.

Do you want to bring a Trufi app to your city? Maybe take on Cochabamba’s supremacy? Contact us.

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