Informal Transport: An Untapped Climate Change Solution – A Trufi Webinar

Discover how informal transport, such as minibuses and motorbike taxis, serves as a vital mode of transportation in underserved communities. Explore its potential role in promoting sustainable, accessible, and equitable transport solutions.

Our webinar will feature, Thet Hein Tun from the World Resources Institute, and Geofrey Ndhogezi, executive director at Uganda’s Traffic Safety Awareness Organisation (TRASAO). We will delve into the untapped opportunities presented by informal transport.

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This webinar was inspired by this compelling article authored by Anna Kustar, Thet Hein Tun, and Ben Welle, exploring how informal transport systems could be the answer to a significant portion of transport-related emissions.

How Informal Transport Systems Could Be a Climate Solution

Despite being one of the most common forms of transport globally, informal transport has largely been overlooked in national climate and development policies to date. But with targeted action and investment by governments, it can play an important role in providing sustainable, accessible and equitable transport where it’s needed most.

How Informal Transport Systems Could Be a Climate Solution | World Resources Institute

This webinar is essential for policymakers, urban planners, environmentalists, and anyone passionate about sustainable transportation and climate action.


Thet Hein Tun is a Senior Transportation Research Associate at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, specializes in innovative mobility enterprises, transport electrification, and paratransit systems. With a background spanning Latin America, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, he brings extensive international experience. Thet Hein holds a Bachelor’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a Master’s in City and Regional Planning, and is pursuing further studies in Computer Science, all from prestigious institutions. He also coordinates program management for DigitalTransport4Africa, mapping informal mass transit systems in African cities.

Geofrey Ndhogezi is a Road Safety Activist and Executive Director at Traffic Safety Awareness Organisation (TRASAO) Uganda. Also known as Lubyanza, he’s an e-mobility enthusiast and consultant bodas – motorcycle taxis. Geofrey’s work includes promoting e-mobility, collaborating with research groups on electric motorcycle taxis’ impact, and studying social practices behind road crashes.

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