Modernizing Mobility: How GTFS-Flex Empowers Equitable Transport Solutions – A Trufi Webinar

For nearly 20 years public transport networks have been making the most out digitizing transport routes using GTFS, which stands for General Transit Feed Specification. The problem is that GTFS is best at depicting transport networks that are in the minority in the real world: networks with fixed stops, that don’t evolve quickly.

Now we have GTFS-Flex, a groundbreaking new data standard capable of depicting the messy and dynamic conditions of the real world, including informal transport in the global South and communities served by small-urban, rural, and tribal transit agencies.

On April 25th, Trufi Association is hosting a webinar to explore the transformative potential of GTFS-Flex. Join us as we discuss how this flexible approach to sharing transit data can empower cities and agencies to build truly integrated, accessible, and equitable mobility ecosystems that reflect the realities of the real world.

Demand-Responsive Services

The flexibility of GTFS-Flex allows transport agencies to efficiently plan and operate diverse mobility services: bus routes, informal transport, ride-hailing, and other non-fixed services based on real demand patterns. This can have an big impact for lower-density areas and riders with disabilities who have long lacked reliable transportation options.

With GTFS-Flex, agencies and mobility innovators such as Trufi Association can provide a unified, accessible experience where riders can mix-and-match mobility services into simple door-to-door journeys through a single user-friendly interface. It’s empowerment through transportation.

Learn From the Experts

Our webinar will feature a panel of distinguished professionals at the forefront of the GTFS-Flex revolution:

Andrew Carpenter from the National Center for Applied Transit Technology will discuss the importance of implementing right-sized technology solutions to solve mobility challenges.

Isabelle de Robert from MobilityData, will share insights from her work developing and maintaining globally adopted open data standards such as GTFS and GTFS-Flex.

Leonardo Gutierrez from Trufi Association will explore how GTFS-Flex can enhance transit accessibility in the global South.

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