Volunteer of the Month: Denis Paz Jiménez

Denis Paz Jiménez

Denis Paz Jiménez

Volunteer of the Month

January 2024

Meet Denis Paz Jiménez, an integral part of Trufi Association.

Denis transitioned from a part-time employee to a committed volunteer when the organization faced payroll challenges. Despite the changes, Denis continued to contribute significantly, playing a key role in securing new contracts for projects in Accra, Ghana, and Kigali, Rwanda. (More information on those projects will be published soon.)

As a professional scrum master, he ensures that projects under his purview are executed with precision and efficiency. And that skill set informs his work on Trufi’s Business Development team.

Fluent in Spanish, German, and English, Denis’s linguistic skills have been invaluable in our global collaborations. Beyond his role at Trufi, he operates as a freelancer in Digital Innovation, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries in the tech industry.

Denis brings a lot to the table – literally. He and his two brothers will be opening a restaurant together in April of this year.

Taking the Power of “stadtnavi” to the Global South

Denis took charge of overseeing and managing Trufi’s contributions to the development of the stadtnavi platform in Herrenberg, Germany. The platform offers a full range of multimodal options, including active transport, motorized transport, public facilities, and more. Other German cities, such as Ludwigsburg are adopting the platform.

Alright, he might have been paid to do some of that work. As a volunteer Denis is making sure that the capabilities of stadtnavi aren’t just for Germans. The mobility features are now available in Trufi’s open source code base, and have already been integrated into our app for Cochabamba, Bolivia. Because of Denis’ volunteer leadership, the power of this platform will soon be integrated into mobility platforms in Ghana and Rwanda.

Be Like Denis: Volunteer for Trufi

We feature a volunteer every month who has helped make a difference at Trufi. Maybe you! Here’s a partial list of our volunteering ideas based on our current needs. Contact us now get started as a volunteer.

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