Volunteer of the Month: Pascalina Awelana Ayilu

Pascalina Awelana Ayilu

Pascalina Awelana Ayilu

Volunteer of the Month

Nov 2022

Pascalina is based in Ghana, and is injecting some new energy and enthusiasm to the Trotro app for Accra. Pascalina has helped connect with new potential partners, and she posts and shared about Trufi on her social media account.

She is geospatial enthusiast, a drone pilot, and an aspiring science teacher. And if she meets you at a bus stop in Accra, she’s likely to demo the Trotro app for you.

Thank you, Pascalina!

See Pascalina in Action

Be Like Pascalina: Volunteer for Trufi

We feature a volunteer every month who has helped make a difference at Trufi. Maybe you! Here’s a partial list of our volunteering ideas based on our current needs. Contact us now get started as a volunteer.

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