Volunteer of the Month: Tiffany Nicoli

Tiffany Nicoli

Tiffany Nicoli

Volunteer of the Month

July 2022

Tiffany is based in Belgium, and is interested in urban planning, sustainable mobility, social projects, people, cities, and music.

Recently Tiffany translated our Trufi presentation deck into Portuguese, and designed a postcard we can print and physically mail to friends and supporters of Trufi.

Thank you, Tiffany!

Trufi Presentation in Portuguese (PDF)

Trufi Presentation Portuguese


Trufi Postcard

Be Like Tiffany: Volunteer for Trufi

Tiffany is our first Volunteer of the Month. We will feature a volunteer every month who has helped make a difference at Trufi. Maybe you! Here’s a partial list of our volunteering ideas based on our current needs. Contact us now get started as a volunteer.

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