VIDEO: MaaS in the Global South and Sustainable Mobility – Webinar

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a concept that aims to improve the accessibility of transportation services, reduce traffic congestion, and promote sustainable mobility. Trufi Association organized a two-part webinar on MaaS in the Global South and Sustainable Mobility, featuring presentations by two experts in the field, Dr. Marc Hasselwander and Dr. Eric Bruun.

Webinar Recording

The two webinar presentations have been edited into a single video.

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Analyzing Mobility Behavior and MaaS Systems

Dr. Hasselwander discussed analyzing Mobility Behavior, MaaS systems, and platform internationalization.

Understanding Mobility Behavior is a key factor in developing successful MaaS systems. Mobility behavior is highly contextual and varies depending on the culture, geography, and economic conditions of the region. “Most of the existing studies are really in global North context,” Hasselwander said. “If you are a Public Authority or a transport planner that wants to introduce MaaS what you really have to understand is that they’re really different motivations for users [in the global South].”

Promoting Sustainable Mobility with Technology

Bruun notes that MaaS has the potential to offer seamless, integrated journeys for passengers, while reducing congestion and improving air quality. However, for MaaS to be successful, it requires significant institutional support and the availability of relevant data.

MaaS is not a one-size-fits-all solution – it needs to be tailored to local needs. MaaS requires cooperation between different stakeholders, such as public transport operators, private companies, and government agencies, to be successful. “You have to make a deal with people,” Bruun said, that the data and MaaS technology won’t be used for legal sanctions, but rather ” this is used “for cooperatives to better manage their operations, redistribution of existing subsidies, diversification of purchase of assets.”

These insights, from Dr’s Hasselwander and Bruun can be useful for policymakers, urban planners, and transport operators who are working towards creating sustainable and accessible transportation systems in the global South.

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Thanks to Trufi Volunteer Gabriel for editing and preparing the video.

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