Why Open Data Matters for Cycling: Visualizing a Cycling City – ITDP Webinar

In a two-part Webinar organized by the Institute for Transportation and Development (ITDP), Trufi will joining a presentation on Why Open Data Matters for Cycling, along with experts from ITDP Brazil.

Why Open Data Matters for Cycling
Photo: ITDP

Trufi apps for active transport and multimodal transport are only as good as the mapping data they consume. Our open source apps stadtnavi and Not Without My Bike were created for German cities Herrenberg, and Hamburg (respectively), with the intention to bring similar apps to the global south.

Replicating these apps for the global south requires good mapping data on bike routes as well as the public transport networks. Each aspect presents particular mapping challenges. Trufi has the expertise with mapping public transport, and ITDP with its Cycling Cities program, has expertise in mapping bike routes.

The first in a two-part Cycling Cities series on the potential OpenStreetMap presents for cycling, this webinar will feature panelists from ITDP, Trufi Association, and the Brazilian Cyclists Network (UCB) sharing how they have used OpenStreetMap to improve cities’ understanding of existing conditions for cycling, and encourage action.

More information on the ITDP website >>

Featured Photo: jACK TWO (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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