VIDEO: Unpacking the Power of Data in Active Mobility

In this enlightening webinar, Taylor Reich (ITDP) and Carlosfelipe Pardo (sabidurAI), experts in cycling and pedestrian-centric mobility, discussed the pivotal role of open data and open-source technology, data-driven decision-making, and advocacy in enhancing active mobility, particularly cycling infrastructure. Trufi’s Leonardo Gutierrez provided a short presentation on a World Bank cycling data project in Quito, Ecuador.

To delve deeper into this insightful discussion, watch the full webinar recording below.

Webinar Recording

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Selected Quotes From the Webinar

Ideally, we wouldn’t need data at all. City planners should just know to put bicycle lanes on busy streets and slow down cars to make cycling safe. But often, data is necessary to convince decision-makers and help people cycle safely.

D. Taylor Reich

The potential of having open-source software available, and promoting its development and use can really improve mobility in the world. Which is why I like Trufi people, because that it what everybody is about.

Carlosfelipe Pardo

An important thing that [Trufi Association’s project in Quito for the World Bank] produced is data for the planners of the city. This data can be used to improve the planning of the city, and all the data is centered on the cyclists and the opinions of the cyclists.

Leonardo Gutierriez

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